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About Us

BBJ is a factory mainly engaged in cool&warm (air-conditioner) mattress pad, electronic products manufacturer. Our factory was established in 2010, has many experience in cool and warm mattress pad, although our factory is not long time for establishing but we are the first manufacturer for cool&warm (air-conditioner) products in China.

We have two engineers is focusing on developing of cool&warm (air-conditioner) mattress pad, and have whole series models products, as like cool&warm function machine, warming-only machine, cooling-only machine, we have had cooperated with customers from Korea, Japan, Germany and others since 2010.


BBJ Thermo mix

Thermo mix is a mincer, a grater, a dough maker, a juicer, a whisk, a blender, a mill and a pestle & mortar to name just a few of its many functions. It is also an ice cream/sorbet maker, a coffee grinder and spice grinder, an electronic weighing scale, a food processor and a food mixer. It whips, emulsifies, homogenises and crushes and has a built in timer. Of course, what makes it completely different from any other appliance is that it also sautes, steams and cooks!

Cool And Warm Mattress

Air conditioner mattress pad is a new healthcare sleep pad, It enhancing people’s living quality to a high level.

This product uses advanced semiconductor cooling and heating technology, through the semiconductor heating or cooling circulating water to achieve the dual effect of cold and warm.

Without power, no radiation, and defend the human body .

Cool&warm function :HR170,HR180

Warming-only function:H120,H130,H400

Cooling-only function:AC45M


BBJ Team

We are not big factory, but we are building perfect management system.” high-quality products”, “excellent after-sales service”, “good reputation” are our principle, we are absorbing a variety of talents according to our product’s development and sincerely seeking partners, good faith cooperation and seek common development in the future.