Thermo Mixer Blender


All add up to an extra pair of hands in the kitchen


· Save Time,Save on Food and Drink,Save on Kitchen Appliances

·Excellent Product Quality,Excellent Food Quality

· Enjoy Healthy Eating,Save Effort and Multi-task



Thermo mix Value:
Save Time, Save on Food and Drink, Save on Kitchen Appliances, Save Effort and Multi-task, Excellent Product Quality, Excellent Food Quality, Enjoy Healthy Eating, Save Space, Save Energy, Reduce Washing Up, Be Creative and Have Fun.


All add up to an extra pair of hands in the kitchen.
Thermo mix is a mincer, a grater, a dough maker, a juicer, a whisk, a blender, a mill and a pestle & mortar to name just a few of its many functions. It is also an ice cream/sorbet maker, a coffee grinder and spice grinder, an electronic weighing scale, a food processor and a food mixer. It whips, emulsifies, homogenises and crushes and has a built in timer. Of course, what makes it completely different from any other appliance is that it also sautes, steams and cooks!


Thermo mix makes coleslaw in seconds, pancake batter, delicate sauces, soups, stews and vegetable purees. It can cook jams and chutneys, grind fresh horseradish, chop onions, make peanut butter, cook up a pot of chilli, and steam fish, meat and vegetables in the tray. The versatility of the Thermo mix system is boundless and the possibilities are wonderful when imagination and creativity are added!
After using the Thermo mix, cleaning up only takes a moment. Hot water and a dash of washing up liquid whizzed at speed 6-8 will generally do the trick! All parts other than the motor housing unit are dishwasher safe.


The temperature range goes from 35°C -110°C with 5°C increase from 40°C to 110°C.
Can control the heating or stop the heating by temp setting
The max heating time is 60mins. (the same to the time setting)
Both Fahrenheit and Celsius degree
Let the speed button go to the lowest then start heating operation.
Press “TIMER” to start ,press again to stop.
Record the temp setting
Safety : the setting temp > the display temp 2°C the heating pipe is working;
the setting temp < the display temp 2°C the heating pipe is stopping
CompareTM31 : 37°C -100°C



The range is “0-24hours”.
Increase or decrease 1 second for “0-24hours”
The max is 60mins.
Press “TIMER” to start, press “TIMER” again to stop.

Scales (weighing)

press “SAYS” to choice the weighing function, press again to display “0.000”.
Increase 1g from “0-2000g”
The minimum is 1g
The max display weighing is 6000g
The max one time weighing is 3000g


Range :40-11000
The lowest speed is 40r/min
Flour mix (Kneading):300r/min
Compare TM31
Range :40-10200


This function is to get the highest speed at the moment.(2seconds)
Ex.: for juice can use this function


Press “REVERSAL”, the blades will reversing the spinning direction, utilizing the dull side of the blade.( this is mix)
This allows a pot full of vegetables to be mixed evenly throughout the bowl without cutting the vegetables at all. Moreover, it also can mix sauces for you allowing you to focus on other parts of the meal or just relax


How to flour?: spinning clockwise 5times, spinning anticlockwise 1time,need 2.5seconds per every spinning. So the whole process is 15seconds means one FLOUR.
Motor speed 300r/min
The default time of the whole FLOUR is 8mins .
Can use this function for FLOR or other Kneading and Mixing.
When the temp is over 60°C, the FLOUR stop and will display “HIGH”
The blades will knead by continually spinning the dough with its cutting side(刀面), letting it rest, and then reversing the spinning direction. This allows the machine to produce perfectly smooth and consistent dough.(philip suggest)

BBJ Team

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  • Switch reluctance
    • Model BBJ TC-501
    • Voltage AC/100V-127V-50/60Hz   &   AC/220V-240 50/60Hz
    • Motor Power 500W
    • Heating Power 1100W
    • Max heat Temperature 120 degrees
    • Rotate 50-11000 r/min
    • Bowl capacity 2L
    • Torque 2Nm
    • Packing 40*37*54CM
    • GW 11KG (include steamer )
    • Packing 38*33*14CM(steamer)